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Code of conduct, policies and procedures

Updated: 1 September 2020.

La Tazzina Restaurant (T/A La Tazzina Café), its directors, employees, representatives, agents, and officers adhere to this Code of Conduct. This code defines the core values, procedures, and corporate culture of the organisation.  



La Tazzina Restaurant (T/A La Tazzina Cafe) and its subsidiary are referred to as the “Company”.

The Code of Conduct, Procedures, Policies is referred to as the “Code”. 

The owner, director, shareholder are hereby referred to as the “Administration Board” or “Directors” interchangeably. 

A purchaser or buyer is the person within the company who purchases the company’s name. 

Legal Advisors, Reconciliators, Witnesses (in special cases), and Independent Representatives are hereby referred to as “Mediators”. 

HR Managers, Operations Managers, and Supervisors are hereby referred to as “Managers”. 

Cooks, chef, waiter and waitress, server, usher, receptionist, security guard, barista, and scullery are hereby referred to as “Employees”. 

The collective of “Managers” and “Employees” is referred to as the “Team” in this document. 

The collective of HR Managers, Directors, and the Owner is referred to as the “Hiring Committee”. 

Harassment: any mental, physical, psychological, power, and emotional injuries caused to any person.

The Police, Courts, and Government Offices and Bureaus are referred to as the “Local Authorities”. 

A Suspension is when the Team member is no longer allowed to come to work for some time depending on the offence. 


Adherence to government laws

  • All Employees and Managers must be documented and up-to-date with Home Affairs.
  • In the case of documents being expired, Employees and Managers have a grace period of 30 days to renew all the critical and essential documents that home affairs require. If no proof of submission for the renewal of documents or application is provided within 14 days (including weekends and days off) after the expiry of such a document, the person concerned will be laid off within 30 days after these 14 days. 
  • Criminal records should be disclosed to the Hiring Committee of Directors.
  • Any criminal act: use and trading of illegal substances, theft, and harassment, will be reported to the Local Authorities. 



  • Making other colleagues feel unsafe or uncomfortable in the workplace is a serious offence that, not only is a fireable offence but also regarded as a threat to a person’s life. This means that the matter might escalate to the Local Authorities if persistent. 
  • Insults, verbal harassment, foul language, and bullying are not tolerated within the premises of the company. 


There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination against any visitor, customer, or employee based on their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, tribe or culture, and income status.

The Company is an inclusive and diverse work environment.  



  • The company values professionalism, high-class customer service, customer input, corporate culture.
  • Integrity, quality, family, consistency, teamwork, and respect.



Every Team member is required to report on their tasks given, activities that they have taken part in, to their superior. 

Team members are encouraged to report any misconduct by any other Team member either openly or anonymously.  


Authority and chain of command

Employees should follow the chain of command when it comes to communicating personal or work-related issues. 


Disciplinary procedures

  • Ignoring a direct order from the superior: the employee will be given 3 warnings, written or verbal before suspension or dismissal. Witnesses are required to evaluate the situation. 
  • Tardiness: results in a deduction remuneration or pay for the number of late hours.
  • Damage to Company Property: a maximum of 25% deduction from the Team member’s net pay. 
  • Unjustified Absenteeism: a written warning will be given
  • Theft: taking or removing any assets tangible or intangible from the company without reporting or asking for permission. When this occurs, the offender will be dismissed effective immediately. 
  • Using cash without permission from superior is considered theft 
  •  No employee is permitted to conduct any kind sort of sale/trading activities without prior authorisation from the Directors.  
  • Breaking the Code results in a maximum of 3 warnings before dismissal or suspension, depending on the gravity of the situation. 
  • Encouraging or enticing or incite or persuade or induce any employee of the company to terminate his employment by the company: the offender will be dismissed effective immediately. 
  • If any Team member is caught in a case of Harassment, they will be given verbal or written warnings. After the third warning, the offender will be dismissed from the Company.  



A strict rule against disclosing the following information applies: salaries, cooking recipes, personal information of other colleagues, procedures, and operations of the Company, any secrets such as but not limited to details about suppliers, invoices, assets, bills, PINs, passwords, and usernames.


Data privacy 

  • Personal information about other Team members is only available to the Managers or Directors. 
  • No Team member is allowed to make any request for information about another employee unless the later has given consent. 
  • In case of an investigation by the Local Authorities, general information about the person of interest will be released to these authorities. 


Briefings and regular meetings

Managers are encouraged to hold staff meetings regularly to find out the current state of affairs, educate employees on the Code, encourage and motivate them to achieve their goals.


Religious rituals and praying sessions

  • No rituals, religious assemblies, or gatherings are allowed in the premises of the Company, especially when they are considered dangerous or disturbing by others. 
  • Individual prayers are permitted. 


Conflicts and interpersonal relationships

  • Conflicts and misunderstandings should be resolved between the concerned parties and the Mediators.
  • Employees that are seen chitchatting, taking a break during working hours, and having loud conversations during working hours violate the Code. Verbal or written warnings will be given when this behavior becomes excessive. The judgment of the Manager will determine this.  


Workplace relationships

The manifestation of Romantic relationships; romantic acts between employees such as kissing, inappropriate or indecent physical contact, and sexual remarks are forbidden within the premises of the Company. Failure to comply after warnings will result in the dismissal of all the participants. 


Dress code

  • Waiters, waitresses, and servers should wear uniforms provided by the Company. If no uniforms are provided, they shall adhere to specific colours and types of clothing required by the Company. 
  • The default colours are blue for the top and dark grey/black or blue pants.
  • Chefs and cooks are required to wear cooking aprons at all times.
  • The only visible logos/symbols/icons/wordmarks on any clothing that a Team should be of the Company during working hours and within the premises of the Company. This excludes clothing brands that are not competitors (direct or indirect) of the Company.
  • Uniforms should be clean and presentable. 



  • Employees are required to respect themselves and their colleagues in the workplace.
  • Company property tangible or intangible should be treated with respect. 



Any expenses or purchases made with the Company assets tangible or intangible should be noted and justified. If this is not the case, two possible actions will be put in place. The first course of action the Purchaser is to pay a full reimbursement of the amount spent. The second course is dismissal from the Company. 



Team members are to always maintain their working stations/regions clean. 



I, ………………………………………………………………………(Full Name and Surname) Hereby acknowledge that: I have read, understood and accept the Code; I will adhere to the rules and regulations as contained herein; and I will, if required, complete an annual declaration form in respect of the matters referred to in this Code. Signed: ………………………………… On the ………….. (Day) of ………………….…….. (Month) …………………. (Year)


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